P0ss3ss0r is a free VST plugin made to update that T-Pain-Auto-Tune-Cher-Kraftwerk-Robots-Daft-Punk-Vocoder sound. One signal gets possessed and controlled by another, voodoo style.

Update: 64-bit version now has GUI and level controls. Default is a basic spectral morph. Turn up the resonance to put some life into that signal. If the filter blows up, which it will, you need to trim the input levels.

Listen to the mp3 demo on a sample from Over by Drake.

Download here for 64-bit Windows, the latest version with GUI and level controls. Here for 32-bit, first version, no GUI. Put the DLL in yr VST plugin folder. restart yr host app. Use P0ss3ss0r on a stereo bus and send it two mono signals one in L one in R. Get one mono signal back on both L & R.

P0ss3ss0r works best when one input is an unpitched vocal line and the other is a melody you want the vocal to follow e.g. from a fat synth sound with plenty of harmonics. Or when one is a vocal melody and the other is an instrumental line that follows it. Use noise and ring mod sounds for robots. Add white noise to synth sounds for more definition in yr fricatives. But if you’re an experi-mentalist you can feed it anything.

No waveshaping, will clip if the signal peaks, best use a limiter if you’ve got sensitive ears/speakers. Also, latency, 0.04s about. If you’re hearing clicks/getting xruns, increase yr buffer size. But you knew that, right.

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